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Dienstag, 09.04.2024

Getting to know our departments: An inside look at our PE structure

In this blog post, we are taking a closer look at how our PE operates by introducing and explaining the various roles and responsibilities of each…

group picture uniline

Mittwoch, 13.03.2024

UniLine's strategy seminar in Schielleiten: Strategic get-together

This year we, the new employees of the UniLine Practice Enterprise, were once again able to attend an exciting strategy seminar at the beautiful…

Under construction sign

Montag, 22.01.2024

Website under construction

Due to the merger of KFUNIline and eXpand this website is currently under construction. We are currently working on new content for this website and…

Teamphoto UniLine

Montag, 22.01.2024

Looking back on a successful semester

In the last meeting of this semester, we would like to look back on an outstanding collaboration and thank the management for their support. It was an…

UniLine Logo

Montag, 22.01.2024

eXpand and KFUNIline merge to UniLine

Introducing UniLine Education & Consulting GmbH, a pioneering initiative born out of the merger between eXpand International Consultancy GmbH and…


Dienstag, 28.11.2023

Vitis of other PEs

Once a semester, each of us visits a different practice enterprise and gets to experience a whole PE working day. For many of us, this visit is the…


Donnerstag, 23.11.2023

World Café of KFUNIline and eXpand

On November 14th, 2023, KFUNIline and eXpand held their annual World Café, which not only served as an introduction to the "World Café" workshop…


Mittwoch, 15.11.2023

Open Day KFUNIline

On Tuesday, November 7th, 2023, the KFUNIline Open Day took place following the weekly business meeting of KFUNIline and eXpand. In the PE office,…


Donnerstag, 09.11.2023

Controlling Report October 2023

It’s that wonderful time of the year again. The leaves are turning red and yellow, it is getting cozier in everyone’s homes and the 1st Controlling…


Donnerstag, 02.11.2023

Teamwork makes the dream work

In our practice enterprise, teamwork is our foundation. Each team member plays a vital role, much like an orchestra in harmony. Let's explore our…


Sonntag, 22.10.2023

Team building and fun in focus: Our two-day seminar with the practice enterprise

Team building is one of the key components for the success of any organization. A strong team can move mountains and achieve peak performance…


Montag, 26.06.2023

eXpand + KFUNIline = uniline

Yes, this calculation works. On January 1st  2024, something brand new in the world of praxis enterprises is going to happen! The two practice…

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