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Vitis of other PEs

Dienstag, 28.11.2023

Once a semester, each of us visits a different practice enterprise and gets to experience a whole PE working day. For many of us, this visit is the first point of contact with the school in our role as future teachers. Two of us have also visited a PE as part of a vocational rehabilitation programme for adults.

The PE visit is a great opportunity to take on the role of an observer and consciously reflect on the three levels of the practice enterprise: company level, learning level and meta level. The role of observer enables us to explore the question of what the strengths, special features and advantages of a PE are from the point of view of both teachers and students.

The insight into daily operations enables us to develop a deeper understanding of the practical implementation of the complex practice enterprise learning method. In exchange with experienced teachers, we gain valuable insights into the planning and modelling as well as the reflection, evaluation and further development of the PE. The teachers also shared best practices for assigning students to departments, planning and managing student’s workload, and promoting student independence. Tips and strategies for dealing with motivation problems and mistakes also enable us to develop a better understanding of the pedagogical challenges of the PE and improve our pedagogical skills. Discussions with the students have helped us to find out what framework conditions and support they need to be able to put theoretical content into practice and to develop comprehensive competences.

In addition, the PE visit also serves to network and maintain business relationships. Mutual orders and a visit at the next Online Trading Day are part of good practice and revitalize the PE market.


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