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Looking back on a successful semester

Montag, 22.01.2024

In the last meeting of this semester, we would like to look back on an outstanding collaboration and thank the management for their support. It was an inspiring time in which we were able to gain valuable experience that goes far beyond the course context. By organising and co-creating numerous projects, we were able to strengthen our skills in areas such as communication, project management and teamwork.

We are grateful to have a productive learning environment to explore the pedagogical background alongside the daily work in the training company.

This semester has been a journey full of challenges and successes that have shaped our personal and professional development. The dynamics of our team were characterised by diversity in the skills of each individual and allowed for different perspectives to be considered.

The merger of KFUNIline and eXpand allowed us to continue to grow as a team and offer an even wider range of products and services. The combined efforts have not only strengthened our corporate identity, but also expanded our reach. The merger was a decisive step that not only strengthened us as a team, but also as a training company.

We look back with pride on what we have achieved and are optimistic about the future.  

Special thanks go to the management for their support and constructive feedback. We would also like to thank our sponsor, Raiffeisenbank Landesbank Steiermark, for their support.

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