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Getting to know our departments: An inside look at our PE structure

Dienstag, 09.04.2024

In this blog post, we are taking a closer look at how our PE operates by introducing and explaining the various roles and responsibilities of each department.


The Management serves as a role model for teaching and learning with and within practice enterprises. Furthermore, it is specialized in designing and organizing pedagogical meetings, world cafés and strategy seminars. Together with the students, the Management designs and develops the practice enterprise “UniLine”. According Pestalozzi our motto is: “Living practice enterprise with brain, heart and hand!”

Profit Center West

At Center West, we specialize in administering and updating the webshop, handling international orders, and managing taxes. Additionally, we are creating controlling reports and interim financial statements to ensure efficient financial management and decision-making.

Profit Center East

Profit Center East is a dynamic department with a variety of responsibilities. These include processing orders on a weekly basis, creating profiles for new customers, managing monthly payroll duties as well as preparing the sponsoring folder. Additionally, the team handles various marketing tasks such as maintaining social media channels, creating blog posts for our website, and designing a new eye-catching poster. 

Corporate Support

Corporate Support is a department with a wide range of responsibilities. The tasks of Corporate Support are very diverse and vary from the revision of the business plan and mission statement, through organizational tasks such as data saving or mail management, the preparation of feedback methods for the meetings, the organisation of socialising events, application management, various surveys within the team to the organisation and coordination of the Info Day. The transfer of information regarding PE visits or presentation of Total Quality Management also belongs to the wide scope of ToDo's of CS. 

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