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Nowadays internationalization is a topic of high interest, in particular at University level, and therefore the Map of Business Education and Development has been invented. This map is a project developed by the department of Business Education and Development at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz. It provides information for everyone who is interested in pursuing a degree in this field. It is an ongoing project which is supervised by students and updated on a regular basis.


Another purpose of this website is to foster the international cooperation and knowledge exchange between people working in the various areas of Business Education. Do you have any wishes, suggestions or helpful hints? Feel free to contact us on Facebook or per mail.

The research project „Map of Business Education and Development“ has been started as part of the university course „Bildungsmanagement“ which is offered by the Institute of Business Education and Development (Karl-Franzens-University Graz). This ongoing project aims at giving an worldwide overview over the field of business education and development.




The project team (consisting of Alexander Fediuk and Andreas Lackner), had to renew and update the Map of Business Education and Development in the summer semester of 2014. The main task was to extend the map with the countries Faroe Island, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as providing an overview of Croatia´s education system. In addition, a database for Europe and Australia has been created, the Map of Business Education and Development was updated and new elements were added.




In winter semester 2013/14 this webpage was updated by Stefan Dreisiebner and Sebastian Unterweger. The focus was the update of the United States of America. Herefore the project team developed a database that also allows more efficient updates in the future. Additionally the team checked all external hyperlinks on this website, updated them when necessary and created recommendations for future updates of this website.



In the spring semester of 2013 the current project team, consisting of Christina Assl, Kaja Hubmann, Anja Mali and Lukas Robisch, converted the existing webpage to comply with up to date Typo3 coding. As part of this conversion all the previously existing contents have been edited and updated and a Corporate Design has been implemented. 



The fifth project team, consisting of Marion Müller, Gerald Süssmaier and Lisa Unterweger, revised the existing concept to improve the structure and uniformity of existing contents and expanded the map to include the continent of Australia. They furthermore created a user manual with instructions and technical information for the maintenance of the website.



Responsible for the third update of the webpage were Martin Buritsch, Patric Köck, Katarina Lucic and Michaela Rußmann. Their objectives were to implement the Scandinavian countries into the database, revise and update the existing information and create a user manual for the technical maintenance of the website.



As part of their diploma thesis “Self-Conception of Business Education and Development in German-speaking Areas” Claudia Egger and Martina Rechbauer launched a revised second edition of the “Map of Business Education and Development” website. This second edition featured an English version, some completely new contents and a complete update of the German speaking countries.



Elisabeth Graf, Daniela Pechtigam and Florian Prüller were the first ones to update the website in the spring semester of 2009. Their focus was to implement the category “Teaching Abroad” which covers the career options of Austrian graduates in Germany and Switzerland. Relevant contact information and weblinks were listed on the website.



The project kicked off in October 2008. Claudia Egger, Martina Rechbauer, Katharina Schiffner and Nadine Zinggl were responsible for this first version which contained five different content areas. Among these were general information about business education and training, its history and development, detailed information about related professorships in foreign countries and a comprehensive weblink database. It furthermore featured video interviews with the heads of business education & training institutes of Austrian universities. The website placed second at the “E-Learning Champions” competition (held by the Academy for new Media/Karl-Franzens University) in the category “ready to use tools – just do it”.


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