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Application Process
Regarding the application process please consider the following information:

Practice Enterprise Information Day
The information day of the practice enterprises eXpand and KFUNIline will take place during the semester before your practice enterprise term starts. 

This semester it will take place 

Universitätsstraße 15
HS 15.06 

on 12th December 2022
from 18:30 to 20:00.


Registration Deadline (28th November 2022)
Please note that attending the Information Day is a precondition for admission to the practice enterprise in the next semester!

Requirements for Application

  1.  Covering letter
    - Letter of motivation
    - Name your two preferences for one department or process 
  2. CV
    - Tabular form and in reverse chronological order
    - You are welcome to attach a recent photo 
  3. "3rd page"
    - Why should a company hire you? Allows arguing more efficiently why you want to work for a special department or process.
    - Think of your competences and skills based on your eKEP (elektronisches Kompetenzentwicklungsportfolio)

Important facts 

  • Your application must be sent to the management to johanna.lehner(at)uni-graz.at (reference: Bewerbung Übungsfirma eXpand/KFUNIline); file size max. 1 MB;
  • Application deadline: 28th December 2022
  • Please save your document under "SURNAME_Name.pdf" 
  • Please be aware that you must fulfil all the official preconditions which are written in the appropriate curriculum to become an employee of eXpand.


Strategy Seminar in Schielleiten 
Your new semester will start with a strategy seminar in Schielleiten. This will be organized by Ms Riebenbauer and Ms Lehner. Detailed information will be provided in due time after your successful admission.

After the strategy seminar the handing-over processes for each department and process will take place. This will be initiated by the former practice enterprise members of eXpand. The date, the time and place of the handing-over processes will be announced on the strategy seminar.


status: November 2022


eXpand International Consultancy GmbH
Universitätsstraße 15 - G1 8010 Graz
Practice Enterprise | University of Graz RESOWI Centre Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3537
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9571


Office hours:
Tuesday, 11:30 a.m. till 1:30 p.m.
Due to Covid-19 we ask to contact us via e-mail. Thank you

FN: 1535 | ACT Court

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