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Quality Audit 2023 – We are part of it!

Mittwoch, 11.01.2023

Digital Quality Audit – the facts:

  • For all practice enterprises in Austria and South Tyrol
  • At least 87,5 % of the criteria must be met
  • The certification is valid for 2 years

Why do we need a quality audit?

As we know, everyone who spends money for goods or services wants to receive a certain level of quality.

In Austria there are about 800 practice enterprises. Referring to quality audits can ACT (Austrian Center for Training Firms) guarantee a minimum level of quality and continuous improvement in the Austrian practice enterprise-market.

Reasons for regularly quality audits (every 2 years):

  1. Learning and implementing from practical business processes based on digitalization, sustainability and social responsibility
  2. Continuous further development and quality improvement of the work in the practice enterprise
  3. Professional appearance of the practice enterprise

The quality audit is divided into the following core processes:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Controlling

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